The HIGHLIGHTS series of selfie sticks utilizes the same patented concealed locking mechanism used in our tripods and monopods to allow for quick adjustments of the length. Just twist left to release and twist right to lock. It has a wide variety of applications, including holding mobile phones, tablets and even laptops. Made of aviation grade aluminum alloy or high-strength carbon fiber, our selfie sticks are rugged, durable, stylish and convenient to use.

The selfie stick is also equipped with a miniature version of our patented E series ball head, offering a light and compact package with a strong locking mechanism.

Coupled with our multi-purpose mobile phone clamp, the phone can be held securely in any position, be it horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Technical Specifications



Minimum Length(MM)

Screw Type

Maximum Length (MM)

Weight (G)

Maximum Load (KG)









Aluminum Alloy








Carbon Fiber

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

1. Concealed Fast Telescopic Locking Mechanism

Our selfie sticks make use of the same concealed locking mechanism used in our tripods and monopods, making length adjustments fast and easy, with strength and stability superior to many other selfie sticks available in the market.

2. Smooth Exterior with No Protruding Parts

As the locking mechanism is hidden within the tube, the tube body is round and smooth, without any protruding mechanism.

3. Ball Head

Using a ball head allows for a greater flexibility when it comes to angle adjustments, particularly when attached to the mini tripod on uneven flooring.

4. ¼” Screw Interface

The use of a universal ¼” screw allows the selfie stick to be directly connected to a wide variety of ¼” interfaced equipment, such as compact, mirrorless and DSLR cameras, sports cameras, as well as a host of other accessories.

5. Mobile Device Clamp

The selfie stick comes with our in-house developed mobile device clamp, which is not only versatile, but also strong and clamps almost anything up to 16mm thick. Click here to read more about our mobile device clamp.

6. ¼” Based Interface

The base of the selfie stick comes with a universal ¼” interface, allowing it to be connected to other ¼” accessories, such as the included mini tripod, or other accessories to convert this for other applications whereby flexible length adjustment is required.

7. Anodised Surface Treatment

The aluminum parts are anodize treated to resist corrosion, wear and scratches.

8. Padded Handle

The handle is padded with a thick, comfortable foam padding for a more comfortable hold, especially when using it for a prolong period of time.