*Literally, comparing height adjustment with other carbon fiber monopods.


Using The Fastest Professional Carbon Fiber Monopod

The Highlights series of professional monopods utilizes the same patented concealed locking mechanism as used in our tripods to allow for quick length adjustments. To adjust the length, twist to loosen the rod, adjust to your desired length, and twist again to lock. This makes the monopod easy and quick to deploy and retract, convenient to use and carry around, and aesthetically pleasing. The tube body is also smooth without protruding locking mechanisms.

The Carbon Fiber tube body is made by inter-twinning 8 layers of high-strength carbon fiber material, making it light, strong and durable yet with a stylish and clean design.

The Aluminum tube body is made of high-quality aviation grade aluminum alloy using an advanced aluminum forging process. It makes the tube light and strong and durable yet with a stylish and clean design. The surface is hard anodize treated to ensure colorfastness and resistance to scratches.

Technical Specifications

Model Sections Dia (mm) Max H (mm) Min H (mm) Wt (kg) Max Load (kg) Material
L2504Z 4 25, 22, 19, 16 1510 485 0.28 12 Carbon
L2504A 4 25, 22, 19, 16 1510 485 0.38 10 Alu
L3106Z 6 31, 28, 25, 22, 19, 16 1500 400 0.32 8 Carbon
L3106A 6 31, 28, 25, 22, 19, 16 1500 400 0.4 9 Alu

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

1. Concealed Fast Telescopic Locking Mechanism

Our revolutionary concealed locking mechanism is what truly sets our tripods apart from all others, making our carbon tripods literally the fastest to setup in the world. To adjust the height, all it takes is a twist to unlock, adjust the length to your requirement, and twist again to lock. This makes the tripod not only quick and easy to lengthen and retract, but also convenient to use and carry around.

2. Smooth Exterior with No Protruding Parts

Our locking mechanism is hidden within the tube, with a round, smooth tube body without any protruding mechanism, making our monopods sleek, aesthetically pleasing and easier to clean. Things such as ropes, straps or branches are less likely to get hooked onto the rod as well.

3. ¼” & 3/8” Double-sided Screw Interface

The interface screw is double-sided, ¼” and 3/8”, making it easy to change between the 2 international standards. This allows for connection to many ¼” and 3/8” accessories, such as ball heads and direct connection to cameras.

4. Leg Footing

The rubber footing can be removed to reveal a spike. This spike is connected to the monopod with a 3/8” threaded hole. The spike can be replaced with a longer spike if necessary. You can also add our S1 mini ball head to convert the monopod into a selfie stick, or add our monopod base to make it self-standing.

5. Anodised Surface Treatment

The aluminum parts are anodize treated to resist corrosion, wear and scratches.

6. Padded Handle

The handle is padded with a thick, comfortable foam padding for a more comfortable hold, especially when using it for a prolong period of time.