innovative photographic support solutions

Highlights started out in 2000. Determined not to be just another photographic accessory manufacturer, we strike out to make our own mark in this industry, and to distinguish ourselves from the rest. We have spent more than 10 years in R&D before patenting a breakthrough invention in photographic accessories – our concealed rotary locking mechanism, for use in telescopic devices such as tripods and monopods.

With a fast telescopic locking design with concealed locking mechanism, we changed the traditional way of locking a tripod, to achieve a truly versatile, user-friendly, highly functional, fast deploying tripod. Fast, stable, light, small collapsed size with multi-functional features in one compact body, it is widely loved and trusted by professional and amateur photographers alike.

concealed locking mechanism with fast telescopic locking design for rapid deployment, quick to extend and retract
low center of gravity ball head

The company owns two independent brands: TOUER and HIGHLIGHTS. Our main products are tripods, monopods, ball-heads, selfie sticks, mobile phone clamps and other photographic related accessories. Our products are sold in the domestic market, and exported to a number of countries. We are looking for good partners to bring our innovative products into more countries.

We are committed to creating better quality, user-friendly and cost-effective equipment for all photographers.